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Producing dreams and excitement for people

We enrich people’s lives by providing a varied selection of live entertainment through our businesses. These include the sports business and the stage business, which are unique strengths of the Group. The entertainment we offer centres on the Hanshin Tigers, a professional baseball team with passionate fans throughout Japan; the Hanshin Koshien Stadium; and the Takarazuka Revue, which continues adding to its storied history guided by a philosophy of “Modesty, Fairness and Grace.”



The Hanshin Tigers have one of the most illustrious histories and traditions and attract some of the highest attendances among Japan’s top 12 baseball teams. By thrilling crowds, the team members’ play continues to contribute to the development of baseball in Japan.

Hanshin Koshien Stadium

In addition to being famed as the home ground of the Hanshin Tigers, Hanshin Koshien Stadium hosted the 90th anniversary spring high school baseball tournament and the 100th anniversary summer high school baseball tournament in 2018.
Also, the stadium is the venue for a range of major events, such as the Koshien Bowl, the final game of the Japan University American Football Championship.


Takarazuka Revue

The Takarazuka Revue is one of the most unique theatrical companies in the world, consisting of only actresses, and attracts audiences with “inspiration” and “dreams.” The revue’s illustrious history stretches back more than 100 years to its debut performance in 1914. The Takarazuka Revue not only performs in Japan but also overseas. To date, the group has been on 27 overseas tours in 18 countries and regions. The revue’s performances can also be seen via the Takarazuka Sky Stage dedicated channel, the internet, and live broadcasts at cinemas.

Umeda Arts Theater

Umeda Arts Theater Co., Ltd., operates two theatres, the Main Hall, which has 1,905 seats, and the 898-seat Theater Drama City. As well as in-house musicals and Takarazuka Revue performances, Umeda Arts Theater hosts a wide variety of shows performed by other groups, including plays, concerts, and musicals.



With a history of more than 100 years, Billboard is the most trusted music brand in the world. Since concluding a license agreement for Japan in 2006, we have been developing an array of businesses, including clubs.


Mt. Rokko

Known as one of Japan’s best night-view spots, Mt. Rokko is also popular with overseas visitors to Japan. It offers a wide variety of leisure facilities including ski slopes, an alpine botanical garden, an observatory, and a music box museum. In addition, the exhibition event platform Rokko Meets Art, which combines the nature and scenery of Mt. Rokko with modern art, has received critical acclaim.

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