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Urban Transportation

Connecting railways, buses and taxis to provide a variety of transportation services that realize safety, reliability, and comfort

By connecting railways, buses and taxis, we have formed a large network centered on two companies —Hankyu Corporation and Hanshin Electric Railway—in the Kansai region, mainly in the Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto areas.
In addition, we are enhancing the value of line-side areas by realizing synergistic benefits through the integrated management of transportation advertising and retail businesses, which run merchandising facilities inside and near railway stations.

Railway operations

Extensive Railway Network Linking Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto and Various Other Areas in the Kansai Region

These operations form a network in the Kansai area that centers on the railway lines of Hankyu Corporation and Hanshin Electric Railway. Hankyu Corporation's railway lines link Osaka (Umeda) with Kobe, Takarazuka, and Kyoto. Meanwhile, Hanshin Electric Railway is the only private (non-JR) railway operator with railway lines that directly link Kobe with Osaka's major northern and southern terminals, which are Osaka-Umeda and Namba, respectively.

Buses & Taxis

Providing Bus and Taxi Services Mainly in Areas Along the Hankyu and Hanshin Lines in Collaboration with Railway Services

Hankyu Bus and Hanshin Bus aim to offer greater convenience to customers by providing various services and tools, including bus location services, which enable real-time checking of the status of buses operating on routes, and an in-house IC passenger card named “hanica.” Moreover, all Hankyu Taxi and Hanshin Taxi cabs accept various forms of electronic payment to cater to diversifying payment needs. We are also promoting eco-driving techniques out of concern for the environment.


Providing Retail Services Inside and Near Railway Stations

Inside and near railway stations on the Hankyu and Hanshin lines, we operate COLOR FiELD cosmetics and clothing shops, DOUBLEDAY furniture and interior goods shops, Seijo Ishii franchise supermarkets, and other shops. In addition, we partner with outside companies to provide a wide selection of shops, thereby offering greater convenience to customers who use our railway stations.


Effectively Leveraging the Vast Reach of Transportation Advertising

We provide customers with value-added spaces through a wide lineup of transportation advertising media (such as digital signage, signboards, and posters) in trains and stations. Moreover, we effectively leverage our retail business’s contact with customers and manufacturers and the vast reach of the transportation advertising business to promote goods sold in shops inside and near our stations on transportation advertising media or in event spaces.

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By delivering “Safety and Comfort” and “Dreams and Excitement,”
we create satisfaction among our customers and contribute to society.

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