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Creating safe and secure travel itineraries that can gratify customers’ desires

Since the establishment of our Travel Business in 1948, we have always valued customers’ viewpoints and responded to their diversifying needs by taking advantage of our long-developed expertise.
Placing the highest priority on ensuring the safety and security of our customers, we will not only provide high-value-added travel plans but also engage in businesses that are needed by society.

Overseas & Domestic Travel

Offering Customers Unforgettable Journeys through Five Brands

Focused on guided tours, the Group’s Travel Business operates worldwide. We offer travel packages in a line-up of five brands: Trapics, our core brand; Crystal Heart, which features relaxed travel schedules; Hanshin Koku Friend Tour, which is celebrating the golden jubilee of its founding this year; e-very, which markets plan-it-yourself packages; and the Royal Collection, which provides luxury custom-made travel packages. These brands and their travel packages are marketed through a wide range of channels, including newspaper advertisements, magazines, the Internet, TV shopping, and TV advertisements. We also cater to increasingly diverse demand by developing domestic travel plans with an in-depth focus in collaboration with local communities around Japan. Moreover, we are promoting DX by enhancing digital marketing.

Group Travel

Providing Services Responding to Group Travel Needs

We provide planning and proposal services for various types of group travel, ranging from inspection tours, employee leisure trips, training excursions, events and conventions, and other types of group travel used by companies and other entities, to school trips and other education-related travel. In these services, we call upon the experience and insight gained throughout our long history to cater to our customers’ diverse needs.

Business Travel

Supporting Safe and Comfortable Business Travel

We arrange for everything customers need to make business trips, including visas, air tickets, hotels, interpreters, and MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions) tourism.
Leveraging our vast experience and track record, we offer comfortable business travel and thus provide total support for customers’ overseas work and business expansion.

Travel to Japan

Conducting Tours of Japan with Exceptional Attention to Detail

We are developing and expanding new markets through our overseas offices in Europe, Singapore, and other locations. We provide meticulous services to satisfy customers who travel to Japan for various purposes, including tourism, company visits, and MICE.


Providing a Wide Range of Back-office Solutions, Including Call Center Operations

Taking advantage of our long-developed know-how, we offer call center services that meet a wide range of needs, from on-site call center operations to nationwide receptionist services. Responding flexibly to social changes, we promote our business to provide customers with solutions to the challenges they face.

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By delivering “Safety and Comfort” and “Dreams and Excitement,”
we create satisfaction among our customers and contribute to society.

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