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Creating safe and secure travel itineraries that can gratify customers’ desires

Since our establishment in 1948, we have always valued customers’ viewpoints and responded to their diversifying needs by taking advantage of our long-developed expertise.
We will further develop our capabilities to devise and propose travel plans, and increase the quality of our products to provide novel itineraries designed for safe and secure travel suitable in the age of the new normal.

Overseas & Domestic Travel

Offering Customers Unforgettable Journeys through Five Brands

Focused on guided tours, the Group’s Travel Business operates worldwide. We offer travel packages in a line-up of five brands: Trapics, our core brand; Crystal Heart and Hanshin Koku Friend Tour, both of which feature relaxed travel schedules; e-very, which markets plan-it-yourself packages; and the Royal Collection, which features luxury custom-made travel packages. These travel packages are promoted and sold through a wide range of channels, including newspaper advertisements, magazines, the Internet, TV shopping, and commercials. We are also concentrating our efforts on catering to increasingly diverse demand by creating new travel packages based on cruises, domestic bus tours featuring the CRYSTAL CRUISER Sumile, hiking, community-based tourism, and other activities.

Group Travel

Providing Services Responding to Group Travel Needs

We provide planning and proposal services for various types of group travel, ranging from inspection tours, employee leisure trips, training excursions, events and conventions, and other types of group travel used by companies and other entities, to school trips and other education-related travel. In these services, we call upon the experience and insight gained throughout our long history to cater to our customers’ diverse needs.

Business Travel

Supporting Relaxed and Comfortable Business Travel

We use our accumulated expertise to provide stress-free, comfortable business trips. Our services include reservations and ticketing for all the world’s airlines, visa applications for every country, hotel reservations after arrival at a destination, and arrangement of interpreters. Moreover, through such services as business travel management, which helps reduce costs and manage risks, we support customers’ overseas business development.

Travel for Visitors to Japan

Conducting Tours of Japan with Exceptional Attention to Detail

We are developing and expanding new markets through our overseas offices in Europe, Singapore, and other locations. We provide meticulous services to satisfy visitors from Europe, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world.

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As a Corporate Group, We Strive to Provide Enriched Lifestyles
by Supporting and Improving the Daily Lives of Our Customers

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