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International Transportation

Delivering optimal logistics and high-quality global services

By leveraging our track record and know-how garnered over more than 50 years as a pioneer in the development of transportation services overseas, we manage integrated air and sea freight transportation and multinational transportation. By providing comprehensive services that encompass customs clearance through storage and management and logistics consulting, we help our customers optimize their supply chain management.

International Airfreight Transportation

As Japan’s First IATA-Approved Cargo Agency, Providing Reliable International Transportation Services

Since becoming an International Air Transport Association (IATA) accredited freight transporter and joining the international airfreight industry in 1948, Hankyu Hanshin Express has developed a reputation for dependability. Our seamlessly integrated start-to-finish service has come to be depended on by many businesses. We provide swift and reliable door to door international freight services, both importing and exporting, through cooperation with our more than 100 bases in 28countries and regions, overseas subsidiaries, and partnerships with contracted agencies.

International Maritime Cargo Transport

Providing Door-to-Door Marine Transportation Services for Both Imports and Exports

Providing door to door services through utilization of our global network. We are a non vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) and provide international maritime freight services through utilization of our global network just as we do for our airfreight services. We provide optimized door to door services tailored to customers’ needs. Of course we do FCL (full container load) and LCL (less than container load) transportation, but we also transport special containers and break bulk cargo, perform import and export customs clearing, and provide logistics consulting services.


Proposing and Achieving Optimal Logistics Solutions

Our highly equipped logistics consulting service experts provide logistics solutions, optimized for each customer, fully utilizing the latest information technology. We enable speedy, high quality logistics through comprehensive support of the complete logistics process including storage and management at high-tech warehouses, distribution processing and delivery. In 2009, we were certified as an authorized warehouse operator under the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)* program.

* A regulatory exemption that allows simplified customs clearance and processes and which is applicable to companies meeting a standard of cargo security management and compliance

Customs Clearance

Offering Appropriate and Speedy Customs Clearance Based on Compliance

We declare the quantity and contents of cargo to customs on behalf of the customer and obtain approval. We also possess a thorough understanding of the customs clearance process essential to the import/export of cargo. Our customs clearance services are practical and quick thanks to our business licenses from six customs houses nationwide. We are a professional group consisting of only qualified customs officers that operates precisely and speedily based on compliance requirements. In 2017, we received certification as an authorized customs broker under the AEO* program.

* A regulatory exemption that allows simplified customs clearance and processes and which is applicable to companies meeting a standard of cargo security management and compliance

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