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Group Management Philosophy


What we try to achieve

By delivering “Safety and Comfort” and “Dreams and Excitement,” we create satisfaction among our customers and contribute to society.


What is important to us

  • Customers First
    Everything we do is for the customer. That’s where it all starts.
  • Sincerity
    Gain customers’ confidence by always being sincere.
  • Foresight & Creativity
    With our pioneer spirit and flexible thinking, we create a new value.
  • Respect for People
    Everyone is absolutely invaluable to the Group.


  1. We treasure encounters with people, and do our best in the position of a customer.
  2. We abide by the laws and regulations, and act with a clear awareness of our social responsibilities.
  3. We take pride and responsibility in our work, and carry it out promptly.
  4. We are not concerned with what is just before us, but think from medium- and long-term perspectives.
  5. We are not satisfied with present conditions, but fix our eyes on the future and act.
  6. We have caring feelings and respect each other.
  7. We communicate in a lively way and create a workplace with a positive atmosphere.
  8. We cooperate with one another for the prosperity of the Group.

As a Corporate Group, We Strive to Provide Enriched Lifestyles
by Supporting and Improving the Daily Lives of Our Customers

  • Hankyu Corporation
  • Hanshin Electric Railway
  • Hanshin Electric Railway
  • Hankyu Travel International