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Information and Communication Technology

Contributing to the development of society through information and communications technology

We provide support for businesses in today’s highly networked information society and deliver peace of mind and comfort in daily life through businesses in three areas. The activities of information services businesses include developing systems related to social infrastructure and building and maintaining e-commerce websites. In addition, broadcasting and communications businesses focus on offering regionally based television, internet, and telephone services. Meanwhile, our safety and education businesses provide security services, programming education, and other services.

Information Services

Itec Hankyu Hanshin

In addition to such internet businesses as e-commerce and website production, Itec Hankyu Hanshin uses capabilities fostered over many years to conduct a wide range of systems development related to social infrastructure, including railways and buildings. Further, the company provides solutions related to clinical tests, diagnosis, digital catheters, and other areas of the medical field and offers contract services in such areas as the development of high-quality software. By delivering assurance and comfort in daily life and strengthening its solutions even further, the company aims to roll out services nationwide.

Broadcasting and Communications

Bay Communications (Baycom), Himeji Cable Television (WINK), BAN-BAN Networks

Primarily in line-side areas, we provide information infrastructure offering convenient access to television, internet, and telephone services. Recently, we have not only begun to offer higher-specification optical Internet services and high-speed wireless Internet services, but have also focused on producing original community-channel programmes from local perspectives.



In the Mimamorume system, children carry wireless IC tags. When a child passes through the school gates, their guardian is notified by email. Using this system in combination with monitoring cameras installed by local governing bodies, the Machinaka Mimamorume service provides notifications of the locations of people who require monitoring, such as children or senior citizens. In this way, we are helping to create towns where people can live with safety and confidence.


Robot Programming Classes

ProgLab offers robot programming classes aimed at developing the ability of children as future leaders to realise their ambitions by cultivating their reasoning, problem-solving, and creative skills based on the methodology of STEAM education.* Approximately 6,000 students currently attend ProgLab classes. We also offer extension and extracurricular classes at schools.

* Educational methodology that enables children to learn science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics in an integrated manner

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